dialogues with a difference

A safe environment for open dialogue to enable people to understand - each other and themselves

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  • Innovation by communication. - Edgar
  • Reminds me of the power of empathy. - George
  • Thank you for the open atmosphere and the safe setting. - Bharani
  • Innovation is not a goal in itself. It is a continuous process. - Floriana
  • Good open attitude created a safe space during the dialogue. Respect. It could have been longer to go even deeper. - Penelope
  • I enjoyed the conversation immensely. Left with lots of food for thought. - Elsie
  • Trustworthy environment. - Conrad
  • It was an unexpectedly intimate meeting, we have had plenty of time to talk and carry on an honest conversation and get in touch with emotions. Hugo was an excellent facilitator, showing respect and empathy, and his preparation was really good. - Federico
  • This was the first time that I heard myself speak. - Arjan
  • Got new insights and many different perspectives. - Damien