Conflict Handling

When humans work together, it is inevitable that miscommunications occur. . This is often irritating and considered negative. What would happen, if we could embrace these instances as learning opportunities?

An old chinese proverb tells us that kites rise against the wind and not with it. In this sense, tension is not only useful, but necessary. Embracing tension or differences is not always easy. As a matter of fact most people avoid it for as long as possible. Sometimes we are even in denial about it.

Acknowledging ones differences with another person is the first step to solving them. Being able to talk about them in a safe setting and beginning to understand the perspective of the other often alleviates any negative feelings which may surround the issue. Then a space can open up to either overcome the conflict or come to an agreement to disagree on this particular issue, while still being able to agree on others.

Instead of fighting the tension, people learn to embrace it, as there is no longer a need to take it personally. This frees them individually – and as a team – to soar to new heights when it comes to productivity and innovation.