Welcome to Slowtalk

Since you have decided to continue to this page, I suspect that you are looking for something more than methods or techniques for engaging in a meaningful conversation. Methods and techniques are important tools to have, and they require skill and experience to use them. But sometimes they are not enough. For example, in a situation where we are prejudiced against a person or act impatiently towards him or her, how can we have an effective conversation? The chances are the other person will pick up on the prejudice or impatience unconsciously and will not be able to listen openly. That is not a good prerequisite for efficient communication.

Let’s slow the conversation down to discover the barriers that stand in its way. Let’s take the time to clear away the clouds of our thinking and the muddy waters that obscure the flow of our conversations.

Slow versus quick – a paradox

Once people understand what is happening, a good conversation is possible, one that can lead to the desired results faster. The practice of dialogue serves as a laboratory to explore and transform consciousness.

It has become urgent that we communicate. We have to share our consciousness and to be able to think together, in order to do intelligently whatever is necessary. – David Bohm


SlowTalk is my port in the storm.


Good open attitude created a safe space during the dialogue. Respect. It could have been longer to go even deeper.


Reminds me of the power of empathy


Thank you for the open atmosphere and the safe setting


Innovation is not a goal in itself. It is a continuous process.


Innovation by communication


Got new insights and many different perspectives


Trustworthy environment


It was an unexpectedly intimate meeting, we have had plenty of time to talk and carry on an honest conversation and get in touch with emotions.


This was the first time that I heard myself speak.


I enjoyed the conversation immensely. Left with lots of food for thought.