Who we are

Sustainability as a mind-set

SlowTalk was founded in 2008 by Hugo Skoppek as a result of having been active in sustainability since 1972. He contributed to the organic food industry and fair trade in critical, pioneering functions and is proud of the success of these industries. During those years, Hugo witnessed his fair share of miscommunications in the companies he worked with. This led him to conclude that

real sustainability is less about making products and more about the people who make them.

And that requires working towards a common goal.

Generative dialogue

Hugo also has an interest in communication, which he has pursued more or less actively since his college days. For two years in the 2000s, Hugo was part of an experimental dialogue workshop where he engaged in conversations that were far more meaningful than he had thought was possible. He learned that

there are multiple layers of communication.

To access them requires to take a real interest in others, empathy for each individual, the willingness to listen attentively and the courage to speak honestly and with intent.

Years in the field

The insights he gained during the dialogue training helped Hugo recognize that he had intuitively worked in a similar fashion when he assisted farmers on four continents to implement sustainable farming practices. Despite his lack of formal training in agriculture (or maybe because of it), Hugo never gave instructions as a specialist. Instead, he always attempted to work closely with the people in their specific environment. By asking many questions to understand their existing growing practices, he facilitated a process that enabled growers to find their own solutions that were appropriate in their specific circumstances

Why “we”

I could have just written “About me”, but that would not have been fair to all the people whom I have met during my lifetime and who have influenced me. To start with there is my family and the generations before us. And the privilege of having grown up in West Germany. I am also grateful to the many inspiring schoolteachers and college professors in my life (and as I get older, to the not so-inspiring teachers as well). And then there are all the other people I have met over the years—some friends, some foes. Or just the occasional stranger. They all taught me a lesson. And then there are all the dead people, aka books; I continue to find inspiration when reading.

And I hope that you are inspired, too, as you find out “Who we are”.

Please consult my LinkedIn profile for more details about my professional experience.

If you want to get together for an initial no obligation meeting over a cup of coffee, please send an email to hs@slowtalk.net


The video below gives you an idea how Hugo conducts his workshops in a relaxed, yet intense atmosphere.


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